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About This Site

This site is an adjunct to the Director! program, a freely distributed program which is designed to facilitate running competitive Scrabble® tournaments. This site is intended to provide the ability for directors who are running their tourneys with the Director! program to publish information about their tourneys on the web, while their tourneys are in progress.. The Director! program is available on the downloads page to registered members of this site.

The "consumers" of this information are, of course, primarily the body of competitive scrabble players from across North America who share frienships with many of their fellow competitors, and who are eager to hear the latest news regarding their friends' participation in these tournaments.

What This Site Contains

For members and non-members alike:
  • Under Tournaments you will find a list of tournaments where Director! is being/will be/was used and where the tournament director has chosen to publish results via this site. NOTE that this list will not be exhaustive - it is up to directors to choose whether or not they publish results here. For each tournament listed, a set of reports detailing pairings, game results, standings, etc can be viewed.
  • Under News you will find a complete list of tournament news posted by directors relating to the competitive Scrabble® events which are listed on this site.
  • Under Downloads you will find links for download of the Director! software and various supporting documents. NOTE that you must register as a member of this site to access the downloads page.
  • Under Links you will find a series of web links to other sources of information relating to competitive Scrabble® events.
  • About (this page) gives an overview of what this site is about.

Tournament Directors will have the ability to register tournaments, upload tournament results, and post news items and commentary. Directors will also have access to the software downloads area, be able to maintain their profile info, and send email to the site administrato. To gain the elevated director status, you must first register as a member, and subsequently make a request to the site administrator for escalation to director status. Once you are confirmed as a director, you will see additional menu options in the menu on the left-hand side of the window after you sign in.

Registered Members who are not tournament directors will have the ability to download software, modify their profile information, and send email to the site administrator.

Registration is free, and requires a valid email address for confirmation of the membership application. Email addresses of members will be kept confidential and will not be exposed on this site (to avoid harvesting of email addresses by webcrawlers).

IMPORTANT NOTE TO DIRECTORS: There is a Web User Guide on the downloads page that explains how to use this website to set up and report on your tourneys. Please download and review that guide before setting up your tourney. Note that you must have an internet connection at the playing venue if you want to upload results during your tourney. Alternatively, you can also simply upload final results at end of day from the comfort of your cozy personal internet hangout.

Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Hasbro Inc - the official holder of the Scrabble® Trademark in North America, Mattel Inc - the official holder of the Scrabble® trademark outside North America, the North American Scrabble® Players Association (NASPA), or the Word Game Players Association (WGPO).