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Tournament Resources

Player Ratings

  • Current WGPO-TWL Player Ratings
    List includes all WGPO members who have participated in at least one WGPO-rated standard tournament.

  • Current NASPA-TWL Player Ratings
    Since 2009-07-01, NASPA has assigned ratings to players based on their performance at NASPA-sanctioned tournaments. On that date, NASPA inherited the NSAís rating system, copying all current ratings to the new system. The rating system is designed by the Ratings and Recognition Committee, implemented through a web application being developed by Web Committee, operated by the Tournament Committee.

  • Current NASPA-CSW Player Ratings
    Since January 2010, NASPA has kept track of rated games played using the SOWPODS lexicon in a SOWPODS rating system separate from the regular rating system, which continues to be used for games played using the OTCWL lexicon. At the time of the new system's inception, three recent events whose players had been advised ratings were pending were retroactively rated.

Tournament Results

  • WGPO Tournament Results (TWL-Only)
    Results of all WGPO-rated tournaments.

  • NASPA Tournament Results (TWL and CSW)
    In keeping with historical tradition, results are grouped into rating months marked by the publication of the monthly rating list, not necessarily by calendar month. The monthly rating list is a relic of the pre-Web era, where it was difficult to publish and distribute rating information to directors. Although current ratings are always available on our website, ití convenient to have monthly snapshots of the system. Each monthly list consists of the previous listís ratings, updated by the tournaments that have been posted in the past rating month.

  • Cross-Tables.COM
    Comprehensive repository of tournament and player results for all NASPA tournaments, and most NSA (NASPA's predecessor) tournaments.

Scheduled Competitive Tournaments